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Tapped Racing Sets Llihrednuht TTU Track Record Racing their #88 Mazda RX-7

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Road race cars are not supposed to fly through the air but Tapped Racing Mazda RX-7 soared past the previous track record at Thunderhill Raceway this past weekend. Nicknamed "Llihrednuht", NASA ran Thunderhill raceway backwards this weekend. Famous for its jump in turn 5, running Thunderhill backwards made for a great photo opportunity as the Mazda RX-7 had some great hang time over the hill. The previous record stood at a 1:52.7, Tapped Racing beat that record by a full second setting the new record at 1:51.7.

The weekend started out with some minor handling issues that were keeping the Tapped Racing machine at about the 1 minute 54 second mark. Front wheel lockup was plaguing the car and it looked to keep the car from taking the record. A brake bias adjustment and a rear wing adjustment made the car come alive and the record time popped up on the MoTec, a completely unsuspected record was taken.

Tapped Racing breaks TTS Track Record at Thunderhill Raceway

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Tapped Racing broke the Thunderhill TTS lap record on the first hot lap of the day, April 25, 2009, driving the ultra-fast Mazda RX-7 #66.  A lap of 1:54.9 beat the previous record by almost two seconds, demonstrating the speed of the RX-7.

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Owner, Aly Bruner AKA The Grey Ghost is ecstatic.

The 1993 Mazda RX-7 is still running stock turbos, but has been lightened and sports a full carbon replacement wide body kit from JKL Race Engineering and big sticky Hoosier tires. JKLís front bumper replacement creates incredible down force. It has been working so well for Tapped Racing that one has being fitted for its TTU class RX-7 #88.

Tapped Racing plans on setting many more NASA TT track records this summer and will not rest until all Norcal tracks have Tapped Racing listed in every TTU and TTS class.  These achievements would not be possible without the amazing support of our sponsors:

Sheedy Crane
Hoosier Tire West
JKL Racing Engineering
Pettit Racing
JRC Shocks


The New GTR-35

New Team Owner signing contract, Live on NBC Television!




Tapped Racing makes last minute bid for Redline Season Opener


Tapped Racing today entered two RX7 Time Attack cars into the 2009 Season Opener of the Redline
Time Attack Series at Buttonwillow Raceway. The number 88 in the Unlimited Rear Wheel Drive category
Modified with the number 66 sister car will contest the modified category.

Both vehicles, while new to the Redline series, are not new to Time Trial competition. Aly Bruner,
former SuperKart Series Champion and car owner, brought the cars to NASA Time Trials in mid-2008 after developing a fondness for the RX7's handling, great looks, and outright speed. With Sheedy Crane continuing
as the primary sponsor, the Redline event will serve as a litmus test for the cars and their competitiveness
against the best of the time attack world.

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