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Black 1993 RX7 550 horse power weight 2450 LBS

Tapped Racing is selling the Famous M2 Performance race car competed very successfully with multiple podium finishes in World Challenge (Speed GT) as well as the IMSA GT series. It has since been completely rebuilt and re-engineered from the bare tub with no expense spared to further compete in the Speed GT series, though it has not been raced since completion except for TT and Time Attack. Some who have directly contributed to the development of this car over the years include Huffaker Engineering, Garrett, , JRZ, Hoosier Tire, and many others. It is impossible to fully portray the extent and quality of the development on this car in one ad but the pics should give you some idea.
Needless to say this car is a killer Time Attack or NASA TT / R/U ride holding several track records & First place wins. Also, This car is one of only two Turbo RX-7's which competed in IMSA, making it eligible and highly competitive for the increasingly popular HSR Series here in the states in addition to the other series around the planet in which it can still compete. weight 2450 LBS Motor needs a rebuild.


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Carbon Fiber Wide Body Including Carbon Fiber Front Bumper, Fenders, and Defuser
Front and Rear Custom Canards
Fully Lightened Stock Doors W Safety Pins, Szues Mounted Lexan Quarter Windows, and Jack Pin Openings
Fully Lightened Deck Lid w/ Scratch Resistant Lexan Window, Safety Straps, and Remote Cable Release
Scratch Resistant Lexan Windshield with Inner Support Brace and Aluminum Safety Tabs
M2 Carbon Fiber Hood W/ Large Main Cooling Vent, Rear Louvers, and Captive Safety Pins
Custom Carbon Fiber Front Splitter / Undertray
Custom Dual Element Multi-Adjustable Carbon Fiber Rear Wing W/ Aluminum End Plate Mounts
Modified Mazdaspeed Side Skirts w/ Polished Titanium Exhaust Shield and Exhaust Turbulence Wicker
Custom Ultra-Light Carbon Fiber Headlight Buckets W/ Removable Lexan Lenses
Carbon Fiber Front Fender Vents
SPA Carbon Fiber Race Mirrors Cage Mounted '99 Rear Tail Light Assemblies
Custom Cage Mounted, Through Roof, Billet Tow Hook

Completely Stripped, Lightened, and Sealed Tub
Extensively Engineered Chromoly Roll Cage w/Approx. 22 Chassis/Body Points
X and Nascar Style Door Bars w/Jack Tube Receptacles
Roush Trans Am Style Windshield Triangulation
Gusseted and Triangulated Canopy
Front Strut Towers Triangulated Through Firewall to Center Dash
Side Mirror Mounting Flanges
Boxed Rear Tower Reinforcement/ Bulkhead w/ Carbon Fiber Center Panel
Custom Chromoly Front Strut Tower Brace Triangulated To Front Rails / Upper Suspension Points
Custom Chromoly Lower Rear Subframe / Diff Support Completely Triangulates Rear Lower Suspension
Custom HD Front Bumper / Nose Support Bar
Custom Passenger Floor and Rear Rocker Panel Exhaust Tunnel
Raised Rear Wheel Arches For Tire Clearance
Extensive Heat Insulation Inc. Firewall, Main Tunnel, Exhaust Tunnels, Strut Towers, Chassis Rails, and Floors

Complete Custom Carbon Fiber Dash, Two Piece Design W/ Szues For Quick Access to Electrical Systems
Integrated Pod For Electronic Dash Logger Motec Dash
Three Large Integrated Warning Lights
Custom Center Switch Panel w/ Aircraft Switches And Brake Balance Control
Custom Full Length Carbon Fiber Tunnel Cover
Complete Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Rear Bulkhead w/ Hinged Fuel System Cover and Shock Can Doors
Carbon Fiber Passenger Floor
Custom Aluminum Drivers Floor w/ Non Slip Heal Strips
Custom Passenger Floor ABS Pump Mount
Race Tek seat with Halo
SPA Fire Sytem with Multiple Nozzles for Cockpit, Driver, Fuel System, Engine, Turbo Driver and Remote Fire System Activation
Externally / Internally Accessible Electrical Master Switch
330mm Personal Steering Wheel w/ Custom Adapter to SPA Quick Release Hub
Custom Steering Wheel Switch Pate w/ 6 Buttons for Dash, Radio, Drink, and Dash Display Functions
Lightweight Rear Mounted Dry Cell
On Board Mounted Battery Trickle Charger
Remotely Accessible Jump Plug Connector and Male Jump Battery Connector with Leads
Billet Helmet Hook
Billet Steering Wheel Hook
5 Panel Wink Mirror
Cage Mounted Mesh Style Window Net
Metallic Silver Paint Throughout


Intake/ Exhaust Porting
Oil Passage Modifications
-10 Oil Cooler Fittings
Black Anodized Aluminum Pulleys
AN Turbo Oil and Cooling Fittings and SS Hoses
Garrett Indy Car Race Turbo w/ Mar M Exhaust Wheel and Hi Temp Nicosil Race Exhaust Housing
Custom Aluminum Full Engine Heat Shield w/Hi temp Blanket
Modified Intake Manifold and Throttle Body
Modified Fuel Rails w/ 850x4 injectors and AN fittings
Custom additional fuel rail w/2x550 injectors
Custom engine harness w/ Single Mil Spec Connector to firewall
Motec Dash & Motec M4 Pro Management System w/ full Lambda, Logging, and Advanced Tuning enabled Custom Aluminum Motec ECU Mount
Custom ECU harness w/ 1 & 3 bar Map Sensors and Single Mil Spec Firewall Connector
SD 8 MB logging SN: 25580
M RS-232 MK3 M
Tilton Race Flywheel W/ Precision Machined Lightening Holes
Tilton Twin Disk 7.25 in Clutch Assembly
Engine Mounted Remote Oil Breather/ Catch Tank
Custom Billet Aluminum Engine Mounts
Redline Synthetic Oil
Redline Water Wetter

Custom 2" Full Height Griffin Radiator
Fully Sealed Composite/ Aluminum Radiator Shrouding to Nose
Quick Change Radiator Mounting System w/ Szues Mounted Aluminum Top Plate
Powder Coated Alum Rad Tubes w/ Quick Release Wiggins Clamps & Rad and Engine
Lightweight Electric Radiator Cooling Fan
Custom Front Mounted Intercooler w/ Composite Duct to Nose
Powder Coated Alum I/C Tubes W/ Quick Release Wiggins Clamps & I/C, Turbo, Engine Tial Billet Blow-off Valve Mounted To I/C Plumbing
Twin Front Mounted Engine Oil Coolers w/ all -10 AN Lines and Fittings
Front (nose) Mounted Intake System W/ 4"mandrel Aluminum Plumbing To Turbo

Fuel System:

Custom Fuel Safe Fuel Cell W/Aluminum Housing
1.5+- Gallon Custom Remote Aluminum Surge Tank System
Low Pressure Surge Feed Pump
Twin Bosch High Volume/ High Pressure Main Fuel Pumps
Twin Remote Billet Aluminum Fuel Filters w/ Custom Carbon Fiber Mounts
Twin Feed Billet Fuel Pressure Regulator
Stainless Steel/ AN Feed and Return Lines Throughout Fuel System


3" Side Exit Mandrel Stainless Steel Exhaust System w/V-Band Flanges
Custom Stainless Steel Muffler w / In-Tunnel Spring and Cradle Mounting System   
Polished Titanium Rocker Shield w/ Anti-Turbulence Wicker 


Solid Mounted to Custom Lower Subframe
4:3 Ring and Pinion
Custom Cooling System w/ Tilton Electric Oil Pump, Remote Cooler, Stainless Steel Lines, AN Fittings 
Redline Shockproof "Heavy" Gear Oil


JRZ Triple Adjustable Coil Over Shocks w/ Custom Carbon Fiber Remote Reservoir Mounts
Custom Carbon Fiber Remote Reservoir Compartments Under Hood Vents For Cooling
Custom Shock Reservoir Body Pass Through System For Quick Shock Removal
Spherical Control Arm Bushings
M2 Trailing Links w/ Modified Pickup Points
M2 Toe Links
M2 Tubular Adjustable Front Sway Bar w/ Custom Mounts and Solid Bushings
Custom Rear Sway Bar Links


14.5" 2 Piece Slotted Front Rotors W/ 6 Piston Calipers
13.5" 2 Piece Slotted RR Rotors w/4 Piston Calipers
Tilton Twin Brake Master Cylinder Assembly w/ Cockpit Adjustable Balance Bar
Passenger Floor Mounted ABS Pump for Optimum Weight Distribution and Cooling 
All Stainless Brake Lines Throughout
Front Cockpit Mounted ABS Controller 

Wheels/ Tire:

Kazera 18" x 9.5" wheels

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